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Diamond Simulation solely concentrates on Diamond aircraft, there are no experiments and no distraction by other types of aircraft: the focus is on our own products for which we are the specialists - Realistic and safe: Training with Diamond Aircraft and Simulator from one Provider!


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Another FSTD for the CAE Oxford Academy

Asia Pacific Flight Training, a member of the CAE Oxford Academy, based in Kota Bahru, Malaysia has chosen a DSIM-DA40-TDI-FSTD for the MPL training of their cadets. After DSIM already delivered an...


First DSIM FSTD in Ghana

A DSIM-DA42-NG-FSTD has been installed and accepted by the Ghana Air Force in Takoradi, Ghana.

This is the first FSTD of its kind in the country to be used by the Ghana Air Force.


Ethiopian Airlines chooses DSIM again

A DSIM-40/42-NG-Convertible-FSTD has been installed and qualified at the Ethiopian Airlines premises in Addis Abbaba. Ethipian Airlines has already been operating a DSIM-DA40-NG-FSTD since 2011.



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